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Edit of a show poster I designed a few months back 

Edit of a show poster I designed a few months back 

I’ve been working on Sailor Moon tattoo design for myself for so long, but I keep changing everything. 


These guys have been keeping me company a lot lately, so I wanted to make prints dedicated to them. Crow and Tom Servo forever! 




Quick reminder, that we often try to catch up with some super artist that isn’t even real. You know, that one who can do absolutely anything, learnt it within a week, doesn’t need any sleep and is working on like a hundred successful projects at the same time. We’re being all sad and frustrated because we think we’re no good compared to that one super artist. But then, who is?

Sometimes I ask myself, what things I can actually draw well.

The answer is, I still can’t draw like 98% of all the coolest stuff.

I was actually thinking about this today. Very true, and great reminder for us artsies! 

I needed this






ask me things!!

Oh man, this looks like a fun exercise even to do on one’s own! (although if you want to suggest me something, feel free? I’ll post it on my art tumblr!)

Request me!

I feel like I am having artist’s block! I believe this exercise will help me to overcome it! Please feel free to request me! Thank you!

I need to be more diligent in drawing after I get off work! Send me those requests, yo!

I’ve never done one of these, but Id like to try! Send me my first request ever, please?

Hey come see me at Mechacon in New Orleans this weekend! Im so excited about this, this is the largest con Ive sold at so far! Table 608, come say hi :)

Another watercolor portrait attempt. Benedict’s face has been the most difficult to pull off with just shading so far. I…think…I pulled it off?

I wanted to make a Luigi Death Stare print just for fun, but then it ended up being a bit time consuming >.>

I thought I’d work on more watercolor portraits, and this is probably the best natural skin tone Ive ever done.