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Another watercolor portrait attempt. Benedict’s face has been the most difficult to pull off with just shading so far. I…think…I pulled it off?

I wanted to make a Luigi Death Stare print just for fun, but then it ended up being a bit time consuming >.>

I thought I’d work on more watercolor portraits, and this is probably the best natural skin tone Ive ever done. 

tofumouth asks:Ah hey you're the one I bought the Tom Servo and Crow art prints from! I LOVE them so much, I'm getting some frames for them, and I'm glad I can thank you again!

Awesome! Thank you so much :D Im glad youre enjoying them 

Anime Blues Con

On my way to Memphis for the weekend for anime blues con! I’ll have an artist table there, if you happen to be there, come say hi!

Hooray for last minute prints! Can’t wait to get this as a poster print, it looks much better full size 

Trying to get last minute prints done for Memphis Blues Con next week, started this today and its turning out OK

2nd Miyazaki tribute painting! Watercolor and ink. 

I wasn’t happy enough with the way it turned out, I felt like it needed a background but that made it too busy. I like it better like this I think

Sometimes random sketched turn into things. I really love this show.

"I am in great pain. Please help me"

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