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when you hide the lineart layer



Well A2F was a great success! Everyone was so supportive and enthusiastic! I’m loving going to cons to sell things more and more. I still have a few commissions to finish, so I need to get back to work. But thank you to everyone who stopped by, you made my weekend great!

Also, welcome to all of my new followers! Thanks for following :D 

These guys have been keeping me company a lot lately, so I wanted to make prints dedicated to them. Crow and Tom Servo forever! 

Data is probably my favorite TNG character. I really like how this turned out, so now I’ll probably end up doing more Star Trek portraits like this.

Watercolor and India ink 

I’ve been watching all of Justice League and Justice League Unlimited and it made me really want to work on more DC characters. So of course I had to start with Wonder Woman.

Copic and permanent markers 


Wonder thighs #wip

Hey Arkansas friends!

I have a confirmed spot at A2F (Arkansas Anime Festival) March 14-16, so come and stop by and see me! Im working on new prints and finally have my own button maker :D. I plan on having something special for tumblr friends (or anyone who comes up and mentions this). It will be a fun weekend, please come out!




a true story

me at cons. why is everyone so LITTLE

Me too.

Updated print version of a chibi Sailor Moon I did a while back, because I thought it was too cute to just be a sticker

Some of my favorite items for sale in my society6 shop!